Surrender (MacKinnon’s Rangers,  #1) - Pamela Clare First of all I would like to htnk my friends Jill and Dhes for recommanding this series to me! *kisses*

This book was GREAT!!!

I loved everything!

The settings was incredible! Sooo very interesting and life-like! I was transported there! Everything seemed so real. You could feel the each moment as if you were there! Really fantastic!

The behavior of both Ian and Annie was also true. The difficulties they have to avercome, the problems both had. I could feel Annie's anguish and Ian's predicament. Great, great!!!

The situations they found themselves in were excellently done. They seemed real and not contrived. All was explained in a very true way!

Ian was just mouthwatering! Big, scarred, rough... but also sexy as hell!! Just WOW!!!

Annie is wonderful too. She's rejected and deeply humiliated by her family. She's terrified that her uncle will find her and at the beginning doesn't trust anyone. Eventually she comes to trust Ian and falls deeply in love with him. *happy sigh*

It taked time for them to fall in love, because their reasons are legitimate, but when it happens it is wonderful to read! Ian is so protective and honorable, but inevitably he just snaps and the very sensual love scene just explodes from the pages! WOW!!!

I highly recommend this book to all romantic souls! :D