Wicked Cravings  (The Phoenix Pack, #2) - Suzanne  Wright I loved this book! :D
I'm just happy to see that the quality is still there!
Loved the hero, but who doesn't? Hot, alpha, sexy guy... *wink* But also, sweet, kind and protective... Ahhhh...
Love the heroine too. She was funny and had courage and strenght. It was easy to understand why she feard her wolf.

Their feeling were heartfelt and the heat was there! OMG, was it there! *fanning myself*

I liked that Greta was there too and, obviously, the bickering! The quips were funny indeed! LOL

Obviously there are small things I found irking...

What was not explained very well is WHY her wolf was traumatized. I mean, it was explained that she witnessed her parents death, but we were lead to think that nothing was done to her. I suppose she was hidden somewhere in the house or outside, otherwise the killers would have killed her too. So why her wolf thinks that everyone will attack her, when nobody ever has?

Another thing that was missing is precisely who attacked her parents! For me it was important detail because I think that finding out that she could have overcome her problems. But, maybe it will be explained in the next book! :D