Ride the Fire - Pamela Clare I think this one is the best of the series!

I just loved Nicholas! He's such a wonderful character! He's suffered so much, he's lost, he's sexy!

Wow, the scene when Bethie sees him nude the first time when he's bathing in the creek!!! OMG!!! That description!!! WOW!!!

Bethie too is a wonderful heroine! She has suffered too at the very young age!

I wanted to kill her mother and dismember her step-father!And I just cheered when Nicholas beat her step-brither!! I just wanter to yell: "Go on, kill the bastard!!" Bloodthirsty, I know, but I just hate pedophiles!

The back-story was really interesting and I didn't know whose part to take! I loved that Nicholas too didn't know it. The compassion he had for the colonist, for the indians... it was soo very well explained! It could be felt! Not at the beginning, when he didn't feel anything at all, but after haveing met Bethie he changed gradually and become a batter person! Very good job, Ms. Clare!

There's no need to say that the scorching lever is high! Just read the quote in my status! *wink*

Excellent book! Go and read it, you'll not regret it! :D