Carnal Gift - Pamela Clare This is the story of little Jamie, Cassie's brother.
Now, here he's not so "little"! *wink*

The story is really exciting. I don't know much about the enimity between Irish and English, but from what I read in this book I could sympathize with the Irish people. Their plight was dire indeed! They were taken away their faith, their land, their birthright... poor people...

Brighid is Irish, catholic, poor and Jamie is English (even if colonial), protestant, and rich. How will they manage to be toghether?
You'll have to read this book to find out! :D

I loved Jamie: he's honorable, sweet and very passionate. He's doing everything to help Brighid and her brothers. But she's not convinced of that and she doesn't trust him. While I could understand her reticence, sometimes she just made me angry! I wanted to grip her shoulders and give her a sound shake! She stubbornly doesn't want to leave, even if Jamie tries to explain to her that if she doesn't not only her, but her bothers too, will suffer!

She also doesn't bend in anything; it's always Jamie who does it. Yes, she falls in love with him, make passionate love, but until the very end doesn't trust him. Poor Jamie...

First he lusts after her, but it's not only that and very early he realizes that he's in love and he's ready to do everything to help her. He's soooo sweet.

The heat between them is scorching hot and the passionate love-making scenes are right in Pamela Clare style! *wink*