Wait for Me - Elisabeth Naughton The story was sooo intriguing that I couldn't resist reading this book! Who wouldn't? *wink*

A woman, without memory of her prior life; a man (rich, gorgeous... bla, bla, bla), crazy in love with his dead wife...

What do you think? Who is the woman?


The story is interesting and it should have made a very, very good thriller, but... to me it dragged a little. To much time was spent in inner, Kate's or Ryan's, musing about what is happening and why.

At the beginning, Kate's perplexity about what is happening is interesting and very true. What whould you do if the man who you thought was your husband is not your husband at all? What is all the life you're able to remember is just a bunch of lies? And on top of it: you don't remember anything two years prior...

So she start searching for the truth... and discovers that, not only there's another TRUE husband, but there's also a daughter! And a brother! And in-laws, and friends she never remembered...

Frightening, no?

But... after this moment the story starts loosing its shine...

Her reasoning, so very true before, becomes a stereotypical romance. Like: Ohhh.. I'm sooo attracted to him... But I don't want to be hurt... Ohhh... I wouldn't survive if he leaves me... so I have to leave him... No, I don't want to leave him... But I must... - you know the drivel, no?

While all this musing goes on, they're investigating the why of her resurrection, because she was supposedly dead in an airplane crash. So how she survived, why she was in a coma, who her supposedly dead husband really is, and so on.

There should have been a ton of things to investigate thoroughly, but instead they were just slightly touched. Much more time was dedicated to musings, broken hearts, emotions... There were also some TSTL actions, both done by Kate and Simone (her councelor friend): when you're dealing with a conspiracy whould you go shopping? Or flying by herself to Vancouver to search for a suspect?

Than there's the issue of her new-found daughter: Julia. I had the feeling she was 16, insead we're told she's 9... I don't know, but I wouldn't think a 9 years old girl could reason like she did. “You heard me. Stop seeing my dad. You don’t love him. You
know you don’t. The longer you let this go on, the worse it’s going
to be when you decide to leave again. You don’t have any idea what
he was like before. I don’t want to go through that again!”

Obviously, the chemistry between Kate and Ryan is sizzling and the sex scene are good, but I must admit I liked better the side-romance between Mitch and Simone.

Summing it all, the character I liked most was the brother: Mitch! He was funny, not overly complicated, straitforward, obviously gorgeous (but, hey, it's a romace novel!)... His actions make sense!

Well, now you'll ask yourself why the 4 stars... well, it was interesting and the writing was good. I think it could have been much better if it was longer and more time dedicated to the thrilling/mistery part and less on inner dialogues!