Highlander Most Wanted - Maya Banks I've had a hard time rating this book... I thought and thought and ecided that it was only slightly above 3 stars, so here it is.


Why? Because I was royally annoyed! With Bowen!!!
He was constantly musing, thinking, pondering, doubting, moping... About what? Was Genevieve happy with him? Whitout him? Here? There?


Good grief, Bowen!! Grow a pair!!! He's supposed to be a mighty warrior, and at the beginning he was, but he ended being just... MEH...

As I said, at the beginning I liked him: he used his brain to put into perspective Genevieve's situation and not just jump on conlusions. He was considerate to her and defended her. So it was nice.
But, BUT when he fell in love and realized that he lost his backbone. He starts with Oh, how I love her! I'll do everything for her! I'll sacrifice my happiness for her! I'll die for her!
OK, that's nice but don't overdo it! And here it was over-over-overdone!

Genevieve was better. At the beginning she's obviously mistreated (to say it softly...poor girl...), depressed (understandably), disillusioned... she didn't trust, didn't smile, didn't hope.
When Bowen starts courting her, she slowly comes out, but she's still afraid: it's not easy for her. But she tries and, at the end, she comes out of her shell and becomes a happy person.
She should have more reason to be a moping, dobting, etc. but she wasn't! Go, girl!

Another thing that I couldn't understand is why they didn't think about marriage? Maybe I got it wrong, but in those times, when a lass is "ruined" as Genevieve was, the family is not so "choosy" about a husband: the important is to find one. But they never thought about it, never even rise the question... Mah... At the end it was THE solution!

So, why 3 stars? Because the writing was nice and the story was nice and Genevieve was nice.
... and because I was sorely disapponted in Bowen!