Never Seduce a Scot - Maya Banks Ms Banks know how to write romance, there's no doubt!
I liked how Eveline's handicap was described. It was touching to see how she managed and her strenght confronting a hostile clan. She was almost too sweet and nice, but I liked her nevertheless. She did everything in her power to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. She also grabbed the oppurtunity to wed Graeme when, even if he was a deadly enemy, she saw in him a gentile man under his warrior armour.
Graeme was also interesting and intelligent enough to understand and accept that Eveline is not guilty for her ancestors' doings. He accepted her as an imposition at the begining, but bit by bit came to understand that she's much more than he first tought. His love is not instant-love, but grows slowly when he notices that she's doing everything in her power to be accepted by those that hate her.
Very nice indeed!