Dancing on Coals - Ellen O'Connell WOW... What can I say that wasn't already said?
At the beginning I was frustrated with Gaetan's mutism and his attitude. I wanted to bang him on his stubborn head with a hammer! Grrrr
And he was pigheaded like that for a very, very long time!!!
He just coulnd't let go of his hatred. It was almost sad how much he hated the white people.
He's not accepted not only by white people, but by his people too... He's soooo lonely...

Katherine was incredible!!! Such strenght, such courage, such understanding!
Even when he treated her the worst, she could understand the why and act accordingly. She's clever too. She knows what best for her and do not have problems even killing if that's what it takes to save herself.

It's different from the othee Ms. O'Connell's novels, since Gaetan takes a looonnngggg time to realize that he has feelings for Katherine, but when he get it... Oh, boy!!!


Treat yourself with this really unsual and wonderful love story!