Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold - Ellen O'Connell This author is a GENIUS!!!!
I didn't like this book - I LOVED IT!!!
I loved the way words flow, how the little quips were inserted in the story, the way every single thing was explained, the way the love story was born and grew...
I loved Anne: her strenght, her courage, her enthusiasm, her optimims. She embodies the saying that works makes a man (or in this case the woman) free! I loved that she isn't afraid of hard work, that she took care of Cord when he was injured, that she defended him against eveybody, even his brothers. Even when she wasn't in love with him, he was HERS to take care of. Ohhhh... I loved her very, very much!
I loved Cord: when he was ready to help her without a thought about his own safety, when he didn't patronized her, when he helped her learn things about the ranch, when he loved her without words, when he was ready to let her leave him, but wanted to keep her as long as possible. Ohhhh... I loved him every bit as much as her!
They were so perfect for each other. They were together against all the world! And I loved how their love changed the other people's view of him and of her and them as couple!
A really, really great read! I would recommand this book to everybody!