Reckless Rescue (a barren planet romance #1) - Rinelle Grey Very interesting premise: counterposition between an overpopulated world and a underpopulated one.
The first is struggling to contain the growth of its population with extreme mesures; the second is trying to do the opposite but still with extreme mesures.
In this book the focus is on the underpopulated planet. Here the young people are so few that in order to have a healthy genetic pool the elders are forcing couples to have children in 18 months, otherwise the couple is split and each one is forced again to choose another partner. All this in an endless circle. Obviously, even if all understand that this is the only way to avoid dying as race and imbreeding, the strain on emotions is enormous.
In this situation a young man from the overpopulated planet charshed on their plant. They're overjoyed because of another probably fertile man literally landing on their soil, while the man, once awaken, is incredulous that people could survive in these hursh conditions (it's winter).
He's coping tough, he's trying to learn and is not afraid to work, so he adapts, but cannot forget and resign himself that he'll never again see his planet, even with all its difficulties and bad parts (their extreme mesures is implanting contraceptive chips).
Obviously, they fall in love with each other and that it descibed really sweetly and well. For her it starts like want for a friend and for him is a necessity for she provides for him at the beginning and teaches him the tasks necessary to survival. But eventually the begin seeing more and more in each other.
My main complaint is that he's avoiding speaking of his wife. Even if he's convinced that she's applied for divorce, he doesn't know it for sure, so I think that it should have been a rather important thing for her to know! But the wife's name is just mentioned and that's it! No, no, no!
Still I will read the next book since it is taking place on the overpopulated planet and I'm curious to know how the things will develop there! All in all a great debut! :D