Feral Sins - Suzanne  Wright OMG!!! Loved this one!!!
It was really, really good!
I loved Trey! He was such a sweety! So Alpha, but sooooo sweet! I didn't understand why everybody considered him psychotic... he was a little bit feral, but I wouldn't call him psychotic. Poor guy... with everything that happened to him...
I loved Taryn too. She was really tough, but very funny too! Her sarcastic tongue was fantastic! I loved, loved, loved her replies! Some of them were hilarious, but every each one of them was perfect! I laughed during her inteaction with Greta. Great!
The heat was there, but that was not what made the story great! For me it was how everything in this stry worked together perfectly. There was not one thing that was left unexplained. It was like a puzzle where each piece has its one proper place and fit there perfectly! Great job!
I know that I said I wouldn't read the copy with the "orgy", but I did it... *blush* I agree with all the other readers who said that was absolutely unnecessary and I'm happy that the author took it away. I'm sure the new edition is much better without it.
I will surely read the next book in the series! :D