Wings of Thunder (Thunder, #3) - Linda Mooney I'd say it was similar to the second book. Only here she had an "admirer".
The idea is good and plausible: it's something everybody on Perra knows will happen. And it does! A English guy with a plane lands on Parra during the mother of all storms. And, obviously, the first person he sees is Annie. Also abviously, he finds her so beautiful that he immediately lusts after her... mah... but lets pretend to accept it. Obviously (again) Rion hates him instantly. And Ian hates Rion too, obviously. So Ian convinces Annie, who suffers from actute nostalgia, that returning to Earth for a visit is possible, only he doesn't want her there only for a visit... *wink, wink*
And if you want to know what happens next, go and read it! I'm not such a bastard to tell you the whole story! LOL
There are too many "obvious" things in this story - I knew from the beginning what will happen. But, as I said before, it is still worth 4 stars. :D