Protecting What's His (Line of Duty, #1) - Tessa Bailey Nice book!
I liked both Derek and Ginger, even if Ginger was a little bit too naive for me. She was the weak link in this book.
I understand that she just grabbed the money in order to save herself and Willa, but I find it strange that she didn't get it thet the money was dirty, that her sister was a minor and therefore her taking her could be considered kidnapping, that she thought that just changed the city will solve her problems... things like that. The worst thing was to go back and think that giving back the money will solve everything. My God, girl, you're dealing with criminals not playing with children! She thought that a cop will not investigate her? She was surprised and angry when Derek told her that he knew everything about her! Really???!!!
On the other hand I liked her love for her sister. It was really sweet and felt real to me. All she's done was for Willa. The relationship was true and shining. The love between sisters was there and it was beautiful.
Also Derek was a great guy. Maybe a tad too dominant, but at the same time he pushed for a relationship with Ginger even when she didn't want it and I appreciated that.
He's hot in his passion, sometimes going over the top with his requests, but I also felt that Ginger didn't mind it, she loved it!
If ony Ginger was less naive I would have liked it better, but for the fist book this was good! :D