Tucker's Claim - Sarah McCarty Don't get me wrong for the 4 stars... I liked this book, but Tucker's "tastes" in sex a little bit extreme for me... *blush*
I would have liked it better with a softer side of their sexual games.
In the previous books there's also some rough sex, but it is not so DSM as here. I'm not judging, but for me it is not so hot.
I liked better Tucker's softer side, his tenderness, his love.
Sallie Mae was sometimes too stubborn in certain situations, but I liked her convinctions, even if they were a bit too pacifists for the period. But I liked too that she was able to somewhat change them when confronted with dire situation.
I was also wondering how she could reconcile her extreme sexuality with her Quaker's upbringing... It was a little bit too streched, even if effort was made to explain it. That was the part I liked: her inner dialogue, where she debates with her conscience. It was nicely done!