Ambasadora - Heidi Ruby Miller,  Jenna Bennett,  Bradley Sharp I wouldn't call this book romanticThere's very little romance, but there's a loootttt of action and SF.
Where Greenshift was much more romantically oriented, here the romance is very marginal. Much more emphasis was put on intra-class struggle, torture, intrigue, outright war between fractions.
And what a story it is! Really good and very interesting. Could amost been a SF transposition of today's political situation. Just yummy!!!

The main and focal point of this book is its heroine: Sara. Where Mari from Greenshift was almost (but not quite) TSTL, Sara stars as very smilar, but end completely different type of woman. It was almost too much to read about her sufferings in this book... not only physical (and there was a lot of that...) but also psychological as a result from the physical ones. No, she's not scarred on the outside, but, oh my, on the inside!!! She eclipses every other character in this book, even if Sean and Reiner too are interesting.

The less interesting character is the villain: Simon. He utility was to start the story, but once done that he just seemed to fate in the background.