Greenshift - Heidi Ruby Miller,  Dana Marton I couldn't stand the heroine!!! She's everything I hate in a heroine. She's stupid but she think she's intelligent, she thinks she knows better than anyone else!!! Arghhhh!!! Why, why, why authors continue to write about them????
She redeemed herself a little bit towards the end of the book, but it was too late for me to like her.
The hero was better, but I couldn't understand what he saw in her. Did he suffer from grandaddy syndrome? He's supposed to be 80 years old, but she falls for a 19 years old!!!??? OMG!!! Talk about age difference!!!
The back story was interesting and the world building nice and that's the reason for 3 stars.
I'll read the next one to see if it will be better than this one: everything ought to get a second chance! :D