Immortal Surrender - Claire Ashgrove This one was much better than the first.
There's still too much angst, but it is better explained and I found it more acceptble.
The main characters are both flawed, but in an endearing way. I wanted to reassure Noelle about her appearance, she was like an ugly duckling. All she needed was someone to make her feel beautiful. And Farran was really very intuitive about that. Not at the beginning, but when he started to fall for her he made her feel that he found her irresistible.
Farran, on the other hand, was deeply wounded by his first traitorous wife. On top of that put the darkness that had seeped in him during his battles against the evil and you'll have a very disturbed male.
But with her innocence Noelle helps him heal, even if he battles her for a loooong time!
And when they both cannot endure any more of the sexual tension... WOW... The love scesnes are sizzling! You feel the heat, but it is very tastefully done.