The End of All Things - Lissa Bryan What an unexpected surprise! Wonderful book!
The story is actually very simple: two people traveling in a world destroyed by a pandemic to find a new home in a better climate.
In a world where civilization as we get it is gone and where surviving people are very few, Carly, a shy and naive young woman, and Jastin, a solitary and jaded but surprisingly gentle ex military, get together and decide to go from an inhospitable Alaska to Florida.
One would thought it boring, but actually it was very interesting. I enjoyed very much the pace of the story, the dialogue, the thoughts, the animals' antics, the budding and very satisfactory and true love story.
Everything in it could be really happening if a pandemic should come. It was so true: people gone crazy because of the fever, people loot to steal food, those who cannot get it that the world is no more and delude themselves that the madness is only temporary, those who kill because there's no more law to stop them...
Carly starts as one of those delusional ones, but with Jastin's help she learns and grows. At the beginning she's on the brink of going mad, but at the end she's full of hope. But it's not a hope that the things will return as they were before, but a hope that the batter part of the human nature has a chance to survive.
Jastin too starts as a disillusioned and solitary man, but actually he's the one who spurs Carly to accept the grim reality. He struggles with his issues, but with Carly's help he learnes to think with his heart, instead only with his hea.
This book is really good. Simple but deep. It made me think. It made me smile. It made me cry. Very, very good!