Agent of Desire (Jessica Booker, #1) - Charlie Evans Mmmm... I'm sorry... maybe I was expecting too much...
It's not that I didn't like it. The story could have been interesting if not for the feel that the heroine was too much slutty.
It's a short book and many things happen.
Instead of feeleing that she's and "adrenaline junky" , as stated in the blurb, I had a feeling she's a wanna-be spy. She thinks she's so smart, but forgets some very important things - and I'm not talking about things done by others, but by herself! She doesn't think, she just acts... and not in a very smart way! And, as I said, she's slutty: at the beginning she's in a bar waiting for her handler, but instead of thinking about her assignment, she thinks about taking to bed a young guy because she's tired of waiting and bored! OMG!!! I really hope under-cover operatives think better than that! As soon as her handler arrives what does she do? She thinks about bedding him!!! When he leaves, what does she do? She goes to the fist guy and get all over him!!! She doesn't go all the way with him, because what she needs to do? She needs to seduce another guy as in her assignment! OMG!!! WTF!!! Even during the chase that happens after she's all over the guy she's suppose to protect!!! Is she an w*hore or what???
In between al the hot stuff, she climbes balconies, drives a powerful bike, takes surveilance tours around the supposedly safe house - but during all this she get caught why? Because she toughts are in her pants!!!
I give it two star for writing style (even if I don't overly like the 1st person narrative) and the possibilities the story could have had if not for all the slutty-ness!