The Reunited - Shiloh Walker My first impression was… What’s happening here? Who is who and who does what ???


And it took me a long while to understand.

There were to many flash-backs to many Flash. Flash. Flash.
I understand that we’re talking here about psychic powers, but it was soooo confusing.

There’re many different layers in this book: past lives, his undercover, her undercover, other people having psychic powers, helping, not helping, saying, not saying, various POVs, insta-lust/love, emotions…. I often got lost.


Ah, that there were ghosts. A lot of ghosts crying, suffering, dying, calling for help…


It was really creepy sometimes, but also frustrating.

But I got on and after a while the action got more interesting and I could follow more comfortably all that was happing.

It is very dark and every character has his sufferings, problems and also his own psychic power. But the problem for me was not that; it was the feeling of almost unwillingness to just kill the bastard (villain). Why not just kill him (maybe even torturing him a little before…)? But they put on this complicated ruse… Why??? With all that awesome powers there wasn’t anybody who could just POOFFFF and annihilate him?

It s implied that they were doing all this to save the enslaved girls, but also here, with some kind of mind-control (and it is implied that one of the characters has it) wouldn’t that could be achieved that way?

It seemed also that they spent a huge amounts of energy to build shields instead of using it to fight the villain.

Another asinine plan was the heroine’s one. She get herself engaged to the villain to find proof of his evil-doings. And stays with him two years, letting him slap her, f*uck her, control her… 2 YEARS!!!
Is she insane??? And to think that her power is psychometrics, so she feels flashes of his torturing the girls every time he touches her!!! OMG!!!! Pure lunacy, in my opinion!

Don’t get me wrong here, the book was good, just made me confuse/mad sometimes. The story was engaging and made me shiver to think that something like this could happen (and probably is) in the real world!

Could be that after The Missing and The Departed I was expecting too much? Maybe… I’m a little disappointed, that’s all.


But, I’ll still read the next instalment of the series!