Fantasy Girl - Candice Gilmer It's actually a 4 and 1/2 stars, but only because of Lynn.
I don't know how I felt about her. Sometimes I wanted to punch her, and sometimes to hug her.
The story is told mainly from her POV, but there are some chapter told by the villain POV, the FBI POV, Jack's POV.
So, you get all, and I mean ALL, her thoughts.
The premise is that she’s a web-master of a site that does Buffy’s funfiction. She’s obsessed with everything Buffy and she’s living most of her life there.
You get that she's extremely shy, very insecure and has a low opinion of herself.
She's a bit a split personality. She has her every-day persona with all the problems I mentioned before; then you get her “Web” persona with all the marks of a super-hero: she’s opinionated, she’s kick-ass, she’s the one who knows better…
Some of her musings are fun. Sometimes she looses herself in her musing and just drifts in her own mind.
It’s a strange way of writing because you get an awful lot of useless information. But at the same time it is strangely interesting too.
She’s strongly attracted to Jack, but she struggles mightily against it. Even when Jack proves time and time again that he’s as strongly attracted to her as she is. It’s painful to read. She’s wants and doesn’t want at the same time.
You get very little about how Jack feels, but what little you get is good. He’s conflicted because she’s his assignment and he’s strongly attracted to her.
The villain POV is creepy. You get that he’s completely out of his mind. Totally crazy without redemption.
The first part of the book is a little bit dragged, but things get interesting after that.
The last part is just crazy. You are biting your nail waiting to read what happens next.
The end is soooo romantic. Almost too much so soon after the nail-biting part.

“Well, what do you want? Missing a DVD or something?” I turned myself sideways in the booth so I faced him. My legs crossed and I tucked my skirt over my skin, covering the scars. He had to speak, and I knew, deep down in my heart, that I had to hear it before I could go on living.
Jack shook his head. “Not a DVD. But I am missing something.”
“What?” My hands started to tremble.
I quirked my brow at him.
“There’s this hole in my chest,” he patted his heart. “Every time I try to work, try to move on, move forward like all the shrinks tell me I need to do, I can’t. I can’t concentrate, I can’t think, hell I can’t breathe.”
“Have you seen a doctor?”
“Too many. And none seem to have anything that will fill the void.”

What freaked me out was the fact that she was a little bit like all of as internet-related-book-lovers, who follow sites like this and write and chat with other persons we actually don’t know nothing about. It’s actually scary to think that this story could apply to one of us. It could happen. And it’s scary as hell!