Reaper's Property  - Joanna Wylde I like this book.
It was funny and Horse was sometimes funny too. I didn't get Marie thou. Why she didn't asked more questions. Or, better, why didn't she heard the answers? She was too opinionated without actually understanding the situations. I can understand her reclutance to be "Horse's property", since the word "property" reminds me too much about slavery and that's so not a good thing. But if she listened to Horse when he tryed to explain, she would have understood that it means completely the opposite: it mens more than marriage, since he wanted to commit completely to her.
Obviously Horse also had difficulties communicating with Marie. He was thinking like all the uber-apha males in romance novels: "she must be protected". Like she's without brain and cannot understand anything. This way of thinking grates! She had some TSTL moments, but she also had some good thinking ones too.
I liked how Horse accepted his love for Marie very quickly and tryed in every way to show her how much he loved her. Not every way was a correct one, but he tryed very hard.
On the other hand she seemed to me more in lust than in love with Horse. Only at the end she got it and it showed.
Well, a good love story and interesting view of a different life style. :D