The Centurion and the Queen - Minnette Meador I liked it very, very much!!!
The hero was great! The heroine too, but the hero was really yummy!!! He's a man nering his 40s and a soldier to boot (ops, sandals :D ). He's cunning and s Centurion respected by his soldiers for his honour and fairness. His authority in his centuria is absolute and the discipline is strict.

He meets he heroine when she stops a rape of her ward by his second in command. He's intrigues by his slight woman who manages to stop a brute of a man with only a knife. So the clash of their wills begins. She's terrified by him, but she's strong enough to not let him know it; he's intrigued by her courage and her beauty.

Their budding relationship is very well done.
His inflexibility towards the Roman law is abundantly shown both toward his men and her.

He has a very dominant personality (there's an almost BDSM scene ;) ), but he changes when in love.

Here's a small complaint: their love seemed too "instant" to me. I would have liked a little bit more time to get them to know each other. Instead they just met and the day after they're in love... it's too abupt, too soon... But it is really a small complaint!

The beauty of this book are the descriptions: of the men, of the country, of the Roman camp, of everybody's feelings. You just feel the weather and the mud under their feet. It's really amazing, and I felt like I was a direct witness of everything!

This story continues in the second book!!! Great!!!