Killing Time (One Eyed Jacks, #1) - Cindy Gerard Fantastic, as usual!!! I love how Ms Gerard writes! How everything is just perfectly explained and fits just right. I loved the really tough heroine: coherent and absolutely without a single TSTL moment. It is so refreshing to read about a female lead that can do something the male lead says to do without crying, doubting, ignoring it, etc. When the male lead was right she did it, when he was wrong she didn't have any problem telling him so and proposing a much better solution. It was just GREAT!
Also the male lead was good. In the same manner. He tried to be iper-protective (like all the alpha heros *wink*), but he got it very quickly that she didn't need his protection as much as his support.
The chemistry between them was off-charts! The love scenes were great and very tastefully done!
The action was believable and the story interesting.
This is a GOOD, GOOD, GOOD book and if you like the gendre, you should read it!!!