A Beautiful Lie (Playing with Fire Series) (Volume 1) - T.E. Sivec At the beginning this book was a little bit boring. There were too many "remembrance" momennts and nothing happend. Both hero and heroine were remebering their past: first meeting, first smile, etc. The narrative switched between past and present very quickly and it was boring more than confusing.
Then things got interesting and the action was centered more in present, even if through the whole book tere's always too much remeberings.
The love of both hero and heroine was complicated by themselves. I did get why, but I didn't like it. For two grown-up people it seemed very stupid.
Also the action of two very tough professionals sometimes were in line with TSTL.
They redemed themselves at the end, but for me it was too late.
Not bad, but noting special. I'll try the next one, just to see if it gets better.