The Immortal Scrolls - Kristin Secorsky The idea was good, but the execution not so much.
The writing style grated: the sentences was too short and sometimes repetitive. To me it seems like a 12 years old writing: he said, she said, he did, she did... Let me quote the beginning:
Skye walked into the small gladiator cell. Ever since she’d accepted the job excavating the gladiator school, she’d felt drawn to this particular cell. On her breaks she found herself coming into the cell to sit and think. She’d just completed her doctorate in archaeology and thought she would be stuck teaching at the university for the summer.
Everything happens too abruptly. The story doesn't flow smothly. It could be because it's short...
If it was better executed it could have been a good book, but as it is I dodn't like it at all. The two starts are for the idea.