Mystic Cowboy - Sarah Anderson Ahhh.. it ended... I didn't want it to end!!!
It was such a great romance!!! The hero was yummyliscious!!! (Even if he has long hair, Jenn *wink*)
This book has the best s*ex scenes without being overly explicit.
And what to say about the s+exual tension building? Combustive! You could feel the tension rising and rising and rising, until you had goose bumps like when there's a storm building. And the it explodes! BANG! WOW!

There's a backing story about some rancher messsing with cattle, but the main story is the relationship between hero and heroine. The solving of his problems being Lakota. In this book, he's the one having bigger problems; the heroine overcomes hers very quickly, but he struggles for a very long time. To me his problems seemed small, but meybe they were not so...
I know there is a problem with Native Americans (I hope this is PC...) reservations and their working, but I really didn't imagine that it was as described here. To me Indians (as we call them here) are proud people with a great culture, but here their main problem is alcoholism and laziness. I don't know if it is true or not, but this is the feel I get here.

Anyhow, the book was very, very good!

The writing is unusual. Unusual in the good way! :D

The inner musings of the heroine are sometime hilarious and some time sad.
Treading water, she waited as she tried to screw her head back on straight. It wasn’t that she’d freaked out when it had suddenly became a very real option that he was about to begin exploring her topography. No, it had nothing to do with the unexpected shock of something that sunk to her very center. Nothing to do with the certain realization that there would be nothing pitiful about sex with Rebel.
If he even had a bed.
No, she reasoned, her reaction had merely been the safest thing. If he’d actually gotten...anywhere, well, he’d have broken the natural-fluid seal her body had erected for the express purpose of keeping dirty river water on the outside, where it belonged. Yes, that was
it. She was just concerned about microbes and stuff.

With just a few word you get the picture and go gooey...
“I want to apologize. To you.”
Of course, he was plenty dangerous without touching her. Her heart did that weird lurching thing, but she ignored it. “All right, then. You can apologize.”
One corner of his mouth notched up. “I know I can. May I?”