Captured by Desire - Kira Morgan Ohhh.. reading book like this makes me feel soooo good. It is just perfect! The hero is to die for and the heroine is wonderful! It is just easy to fall for both of them, to cheer them to overcome all the difficulties! Another great thing is that neither of them is noble-born, or better she is, but she renounce it for his love! Ahhhh... I want more!!!!
There's some of the best description of kisses I've read lately... You just WANT to be in heroine's place!

Her breath quickened as he lowered his gaze to her parted lips, coaxing them farther open with the edge of his thumb. Anticipation sped her pulse as he eased forward with incredible stealth. From beneath weighted eyelids, she watched him moisten his lip with his tongue, and an intense craving ignited her senses as rapidly as flame touched to thatch.

It is such a tame descrition, but don't you feel the heat? *wink*