Undeniable - Madeline Sheehan TEHRE'S A TON OF SPOILERS HERE!!!

Love??? This is NOT a love story! There's no love here... or, better, there is but it's sick kind of love, so it is not love for me!
Also there're no heros in this book: everyone is very, very contorted and, dare I say it?, plain stupid.

Deuce: a grown up man that were acting more mature when he was 20 years old than when 40 or 50... He was in "love" with Eva? Mmmm... I'd say no, he wasn't. He wants to act as honorable man and doesn't was to f*uck her: OK, but what he does? He goes and f*ucks another woman... and not once, but several times, every time even when he has Eva, even when Eva is pregnant... Very loving indeed! Then he wants to kill Frankie. But Frankie says he put a hit on Eva, so they let him got arrested and think everything is peachy! Come on, are you 12 years old or what???!!! You're said to lead a very dangerous MC band, but you fall for that??? Don't you think that Frankie, being Frankie will be a nice guy and let it be???!!!
Everybody says that he's sexy, hot, whatever... For me he could be the hottest guy on the planet, but he's also rude, violent, cheating, inconsistent, lying... shall I go on? You want him? He's all yours. I wouldn't touch him with a stick!

Eva: a spoiled brat. She was cute when she was young, but after... OMG. She's in love with Deuce... but to me it seams that she was in lust with him. A very bad case of lusting. But OK, that's her least fault. She loves her "brother" Frankie, but Frankie is a complete sociopath. So what she (and her father) do? They let him sleep in the same bad with Eva and she, being such a loving “sister” let him grope her and knowing that he j*erck off in her bad don’t say a thing… Mmmmm… So, OK, he’s sick and everybody knows it, but do they do something about it? Does she take him to a doctor, a psychologist, a psychiatrist? No, she just fuel his obsession with her… because she wants to help him???!!! It would be the same help if he has a broken arm and she kiss it to make it better instead of taking him to a hospital to have his arm set by a doctor!!! Stupid, stupid, stupid! So she want Deuce and she does everything to get him: she doesn’t think that her father, being a bad, mean leader of a bad MC, will do something when he discovers them together? And she’s very upset when she finds out that her father shot Deuce. Really??? Are you nuts??? Where’s your brain? Then she wants to save Frankie when he’s in jail, because the poor thing cannot sleep there without her (OMGGGG)… and what she does? She gives on Chase’s blackmail and becomes his w*hore… and she enjoy it!!! And, while enjoying it, she feels that she looses herself. Baby, you’ve never had yourself!!!! You left your brain and your dignity somewhere and completely forget about it! Than, at the end she realize that Frankie is sick and in order to help him… she kills him! Really??? You stupid, stupid girl!!! Couldn’t you have helped him before by getting him medical help? Before w+horing yourself for him? Without marrying him and cheating on him with Deuce? She a lost cause…

Frankie: a real sociopath. He’s really very, very sick and very violent and very mean and like torture, but he loves Eva, so it’s OK. OK???!!! OK???!!! Are you all nuts? He should have been helped when he was young, she should have been hospitalized and stopped from hurting others, but instead nobody do anything. Everybody just leave him be, even fuel his mental illness. Why? Because he’s Eva’s father adopted son, because he’s his successor, because he’s Eva husband, because he’s so beautiful… Sick, sick, sick… He loves Eva… Really? So love is when you’re being stalked by a psychopath, who threatens you, rapes you and put a mark on you that if he dies you’re to be killed, because he loves you so very much that he wants you even in death!!! Ohhhh… what a lovely, lovely picture, you just MUST have a man love you so much!!! Fabulous!!!

Kami: what to say about her? W*hore? Bad girl? I think she’s a very like those spoiled rich children that don’t know what to do with themselves and just waste their lives away with drugs, w*horing, spending money and bawling how unhappy and unloved they are, but don’t do anything to change! I don’t know if she was in love with someone… as I said in the beginning of this rant, there’s NO love to be find here….

Chase: Kami’s mirror image. He’s a male Kami. And he’s in love with Eva (too… here everybody is in “love” with Eva), so he marries Kami (because their parents want them to… we’re in the 21st century, right? I had some doubts about that…) thinking that, since he and Kami a f*ucking around, he will have to f*uck Eva too. And he gets her, but only through blackmail. And then what he does? He takes her to sexy clubs and fuck*s her in front of everyone… Really, really romantic and loving… But why I’m surprised by this? I must keep repeating to myself: THERE’S NO LOVE HERE!!!

I would love to rant about the way ALL men are treating ALL the women, how they call them b*itches, how ALL women are there only to be f*ucked… but I don’t have any strength left to do it…
So, I’ll leave it here…

If you want to read this book please do: don’t let not this rant deter you. Go ahead… Maybe you’ll like it more than me: I didn’t like it at all!