Blaze - Joan  Swan While I loved Fever, this one is not as good as that one. While I understand that Keira is really messed up, I couldn't feel connected with her actions. She wants to be tough, she is Rambo-like warrior, we are said that she is a fighter who overcomes everything on her way, but she came out like a scared-out-of-her-head for the one thing: loving Luke. I didn't feel this love. All I could feel is her indecision. And Luke was the same: as soon as Keira says something wrong, he just jumps on it and wants to leave... There's no fighting for love in each of them. Most of the time I found myself wanting to say the: "OK, guys, just go each one his way and stop torturing me!!! I want to know what's happening to others, you're just not interesting enough!".
I gave 4 stars for this reason: for the rest of the story, which was really intriguing. Is Q really Quaid? Will they remove the wires from Mateo's brain? How will they do it? What are the chemicals and who made them? ... I even was more inetersted to what happened to Joce and Owen, for God's sake!