Play Nice - Gemma Halliday It was very interesting. Light in the romance department. Anya was a little bit too naive for a seasoned assassin. My main complaint were some inaccurances in Anya's background: she's supposed to be from ex-Jugoslavia, but she has problems understanding the language. About the language: to my understanding there's no "bosnian" language! Also the name: Anya is not a jugoslavian name. If that was the case it should be Anja! The Main vilain is calling her "dragi"... Mmmm... "Dragi" is a male endearment and she's a female! Beasides all the supposed jugoslavian people have more russian flavoured names!
I noticed that many writers use in a very inappropriate way foreign languages: if you want to use a language you're not familiar with, please do your reaserch before publishing - it's very annoying to people who are familiar with the language!
Another thing is that the end is leaft pending: will there be a next installement?