Under Fire - Jo Davis The hero of this book is Zach.... ohhhh, poor, poor, dear, HOT Zach!!! I don't think that anything else could have happened to him! And Cory is such a sweet (sometimes dirty mouthed in a very sweet and ingenious way!) lady. Even if she's older than the hero(we don't find out how much) she's not making an issue about that at all! Great and soooo relieving. Their love story is without conflict, they love each other and there's no problem letting the other other know it. But it's all the other stuff happening to them that makes the difficulties in this book - and, oh boy, everything happens! It's only at the end that he starts having doubts about them together, but until them all's well and... HOT... even if he's.... a VIRGIN!!!! OMG!!! I think this is the first book I've read where the HERO is a VIRGIN!!! I liked it very, very much!!!
I'll definitely read the other books of the series!