Tony's Haven - Dominique Eastwick WOW!!! What a difference from the first book in the series!!! I just couldn't believe it! I totally liked both the h and the H! Just sweet together! Sweet, sweet love story! One tiny, teeny remark: she could have forigiven him a little bit earlier, knowing about his protective streak and that he was trying to stop her, but at last she realized that he was really who she thought he was!
Great job Ms Eastwick!
I would like to thank you for your kind offer to gift me with this book! Your kindness, even given my 1 star review to "Hunting JC" (which I still don't like, by the way) was what make me want to read this one. And, oh, am I so happy to have read it! Thank you again! I wish all the Authors were like you to so greacefully accepts ALL kind of reviews!