Trinity (Brethren, #1) - Deena Remiel I was hoping... No, it didn't get better...
My impresson is that it was written by a robot (and not a cognisant robot!!!).
There's no emotion.
The story is witten like this: heros have to defend the good from evel; they get together; they talk about strategy; the H meets h and the kiss and fall in bed; they fight evel; they win; the end. How sad not being able to make it better even with all that pages at disposal...
There is supposed to be a magical connection between the H+h+her daughter but there's nothing magical in the way it is described - it seems more like lighting a bulb!!!
Why angels act like "the lost boys of NeverLand"??? They are supposed to be immortals, for God's sake, but they act like a 5 years old!!!!
There's supposed to be mother love and sacrifice involved, but it was arid and rung false - in one moment the mother (the heroine) is having a tantrum about the fact that her baby must fight evil (she's a Great Warrior Child while the mother is Great Healing Mother???!!!) and in not time at all she's OK with that!!! Oh, come on...
And there's a loooot of other things like that that I could go on for pages, so I'll stop here.
I'm soooo disapponted that I could cry!!!
It has everything to be a good book, but nothing was delivered!
I relied on all the 5 and 4 stars given, but now I think that the book I read is not the same they read!!!