For You (The 'Burg, #1) - Kristen Ashley First of all I must say that in whole I liked this book.

I gave it 4 stars for 3 reasons:
1) the way of startin with first person narrative and POV (you never know whose thou, until after a few pages you finally discover it) and then slips into third person... It's annoying for me. It does not flow.

2) Feb's convinction that Colt has betrayed her with Amy 20 years ago and thus ruined her life... OGM!!!! They were 20 years old for God's sake!!!! That's no reason to abandon family, town and drift for another 15 years withour scope!!!! And without speaking to anybody... For me no normal person would do something like that!

3) The language was weird for me... But this is just me (English is not my first language)...