Mark of the Gladiator - Heidi Belleau,  Violetta Vane My first MM thanks to Blacky's review. *wink*
I liked it. I liked it because of the story, not because of the sex scenes. I must say that some of those were a little disturbing not because they were MM, but because I felt angry by the use slaves were subjected.
I didn't like Marianus. I didn't liked him at the beginning and din't liked him at the end. I understand that he was acting like so many patricians, but I was a little revolted when Aelia offer Anazâr’s "services" to Marianus like it was nothing. And I was really sorry about Anazâr’s acceptance and submittance. I was expecting Marianus to refuse, to be better than other owners, but I was sadly disappointed. More the story went on more disappointed I get. At the end I was starting to hate him and Aelia. Aelia more than Marianus who, at the end, I was thinking was an absolute naive idiot.
Aelia was a piece of art: the art of a w*hore! She marries one, make a child with him, divorces, marries another, make a child, kill him ... and so on... Did I feel she loved Lucullus? No, I just felt that he was useful tool too. Sad...
Felix... a very toubled man. I felt sorry for him. I liked him, even if he kept too many secrects when it would have been better to spill the truth to Anazâr. Maybe not at the beginning of their story, I understand that he coulndn't trust a slave even one that he was falling in love with, but later on definitly.
The story itself was very interesting, with enough intrigue, violence, Ancient Rome life, very nice pace and nice writing.
I'll be reading other works of these authors! :D