Turning Up the Heat - Laura Florand Cute little story about a marriage risking to disintegrate due to too much love and sacrifice of both wife and husband.

Lea is overcome by her husband's fame and his constant work around the world. She's madly in love with him, but is not able anymore to come second.

Daniel, a world renowned chef, is madly in love with his wife and will do anything, work as hard as it takes to make her proud of himself and to give her the best life.

The misunderstanding many marriages have: she feels neglected by his overloead of work, he feels drained but will not stop because he thinks she deserves more from him.

During Lea's flight to a tropical paradise and Daniel's mad rush at her heels, they must confront each other and for the first time talk about their problems. And, when the truth comes out from each of them, the solution is simple: they must stop stiving so much and take time for themselves and their love.