Out of Control - Stephanie Feagan I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review.

A very nice book!
Actually it's a 4 and 1/2 starts, but since half stars are not allowed... :D

At first I didn't like the narrative, but while reading on, it seemed to grow on me! At the end I liked it very much!

The story is told by the heroine, Blair. She's fun and she's working in a men-only environment. Her job is unusual for a woman: she’s an oil rig blowout specialist! Her work is highly dangerous, but she’s very good at it! The people she’s working with appreciate her and her job and she’s very valued by everybody.

During a routine visit to a platform, while she’s leaving the platform blow up – and it’ not an accident, but a bomb.

After that things quickly get very dangerous and “unhealthy” for her. Somebody is after her and she doesn’t know why.

Enters Nick Robichaud: a colleague. A very handsome one! One that she’s been trying to avoid. *wink*
He has a very shady past. At the beginning she doesn’t know where to place him: is he a very under-cover agent for the government? Is he a free lance agent for somebody else? Who is he working for? So she doesn’t trust him, but she doesn’t have anybody else with whom to work with.

Together they discover some very dangerous operation going on that could disrupt the world balance. But they don’t have proof and they do everything in their power to find it. Obviously they got into very deep trouble.

In this book the action is non stop. Things happened very, very fast. The more they discover, the more they’re in deeper trouble. They have help, but they’re always on their own all the same.

I liked very much the pace of this book and, as I said before, I got to love the narrative too.

The reason for the negative half star is that some of the things that happens to them are too far fetched to be credible, but, hey, this is fiction, so it is not a big deal!

The love story is very cute! She doesn’t trust Nick at the beginning, but when she gets to know him it is very good! Their banter is fantastic! I liked that, once they realized their feeling toward each other, they didn’t denied them! It was refreshing. Here there’s not angst, doubt, or stuff like Oh, I cannot love him/her because I’m not worth!. They accept their feeling and embrace them without fear!

Good, solid book! Recommended to all who love fast, full of action, romantic suspense!