Secrets and Sins:  Gabriel - Naima Simone What a delightful surprise!


I’m soooo happy and honored that Entangled Publishing has given me this book to review!
This was a new author for me and, oh, boy, did I enjoy this book!

I’d given it more than 5 stars if I could!!!

The story, the characters, the narrative, everything about this book was awesome!

I loved Leah’s spirit, her strength, her level-headiness, her love for Gabriel, her honor… She wasn’t a whinny female who was undecided. She was strong in her convinctions, but flexible enough to change them when the situation required it! Brilliant!!!

Gabriel was a tortured soul. The scene at the beginning of the book gave me shivers... I could get his horror and feel his heart braking… During the whole book I could feel his struggle and it was legitimate. He fought his attraction to Leah because he felt so strongly for his dead wife, not because some misconception about his not being worth her.

The whole book was so logical, so well done that you could sympathize with both of them, but also with all the other characters in it, even the most evil one!

The story was very interesting and fast paced with an unexpected twist at the end!

Ms. Simone, I applaud you for having written such a wonderful book!!! I cannot wait to read Malachim’s story!