Close Obsession - Anna Zaires OK, it has improved, but too late for me to up my rating.

I still find Mia too juvenile in her actions and her reasoning. I would have preferred her to be at leas 10 years older, hoping that then she would have been more mature. Thus the story could be more enjoyable for me. :D

Also Korum... what did he find so interesting in Mia is a total mistery to me! How a 2000 years old could fall for her I really don't know!

Still, I find myself hooked to the overall story. I'm curious to find our who the misterious K is! LOL

I like the K race and history. Very fascinating either in customs and in behaviour, sometimes barbaric in the extreme, sometimes so very civilized.

I like the idea of Lenkarda with all the technological stuff - it was real good!

Strangely (blushing) I found the sex scenes to be repetitive ad nauseam - she was too tight, she was strugglings to accomodate Korum, he was too big, emormous, etc... Always the same! I started skipping them!

As before, I would read the last book with hope that Mia has grown up and just to find out who the mistery K is! :D