No Strings Attached - Nicolette Day Cute little story about friends-to-lovers.

Hayden has always been in love with her best friend Jace, but always been afraid to show her feelings fearing that he doesn't reciprocate.

For Jace it is the same.

So when Hayden accepts a job for Times magazine to go as a photo-reporter in a war country, Jace is terrified that someting will happend to her and they quarrel.

Hayden agres with her assistant and friend to go out the night before departing and have one-night-sex with somebody. They end up in Jace's bar. In a misunderstanding Hayedn ends locked in a storage room with Jace and there they end making out.

Even if this is a short story/novella, it was nicely dome and didn't seemed rushed because of their previous friendship and hidden attraction.