Jekyll (Hyde Book II) - Lauren Stewart Eden's and Mitch's story continues...
An incredible read!
I just new that I'll be sorry reading this book before the ext one is out! Now I'll just have to suffer until it does! That's exactly as I felt when I finishes Hyde!!! Grrrr!!!

The story starts exactly where it finished in Hyde.

Eden is in The Clinic's hands and she has changed.
She's not a shy, modest, sweet Eden anymore...
She's not a slutty, uber-sexy, provocative Chastity...

She's a new, improved Eden!


... and she's a mission!

Going back to Mitch and saving him from succumbing forever to his Hyde.


But Mich is not convinced. He misses his Eden. He doesn't was this new Eden... To him she's not even Eden... She's not HER. HE doesn't love her...




Ohhh.. so many things are happening in this book!
It starts slow. It builds. It explodes!
Go and read it!

No, WAIT!!!

Wait until the next one comes out!

Because there's a HUGE cliffhanger!!!