Obsession - Sofia Grey An interesting book with a twisted relationship between man and wife.
I like it but din't loved it. It was interesting, but I didn't like Suki. Here I've told it! LOL

Suki is young when she gets married to Gabe. So, it's understandable that she was unable to get that he's an abuser and a contolling freak. But she's been married with him for 10 years, for God's sake!!! She's not 18 any more!!! She's 28! And still she doesn't get it!
I'm sorry but for me that's pure TSTL!

Obviously, because of her TSTL actions, things get nasty and dangerous!

Josh is a darling. He could be thought about as shady, but he's just profoundly honest. I appreciated that in him.
Tha's also why I'm asking myself: what in the whole world did he see in Suki???!!!

Gabe was an interesting chatacter. He's completely out of his mind, but he's conviced that he's right! He's very clever and has a perfect victim in Suki.

The action was interesting and the flow of the story very good. I liked the 3 main characters POVs.