The Blood Code (Super Agent, #4) - Misty Evans I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review.

This book is like James Bond meets Cinderella! :D

Where James is Ryan and Anya is Cinderella as in she's royal blood! She's not a soft Cinderella either. She's brave, smart and resourceful. She's almost foolishly brave sometimes. And that's one of the reasons for four stars. She acts first and thinks after and during some scenes in the story that was not stupid, because it was believable, but annoying. I would have preffered her to be a little bit more afraid of the consequences of her actions and thus more cautious. But I still liked her. She's not spoilt socialite, but a really nice person, even if naive.

Ryan was nice too, but I just couldn't buy that he strated acting like a love-sick fool when he was described as an extremly crafty super-agent. During the story he himself muses about this, so it made this credible, but still annoying, like Anya's hot-head actions.

The story was interesting and fast paced. Very spies-R-us. Some time it was a little over the top, but still very enjoyable. The detail about her blood being the code for missile launch was great!

In all a good, solid read!