Honor Unraveled (Red Team, #3) - Elaine Levine I like this seires and I liked this book.
Obviously, giving it 4 stars there were things that bothered me... *wink*

I didn't like Ivy character very much... I understand that she's wounded, that she has to rise a child alone and shunned, but I didn't get why she rejected Kit so much when she got the whole story.

Kit too has his faults. I didn't get why he didn't go after Ivy when she was thrown out by her parents and when he found that they had a child together.

I also found very annoying Ivy insistence to date even after she and Kit slept together and he confessed that he want to be part of their life permanently.

Other than this the book is good and interesting. I liked meeting all the characters from the previous books agan and finding out what happened to them.

I will be glady reading other books of this series! :D