Deadly Bonds - Anne Marie Becker I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review.

A good, interesting book.

I liked Sara. She’s level-headed. She’s smart and very good with adolescent boys. I enjoyed very much how she treated Theo, Neil and Jeremy – she got on their level but retained an adult reasoning without becoming too much paternalistic.

She’s attracted to Holt since before his marriage, and even now she doesn’t hide it.

It’s Holt that has issues with his attraction to Sara. They have history between them and Holt feel guilty of betraying his dead wife even after all the time that has passed.

Their situation is difficult because on her part she’s trying to help both Holt and Theo to overcome their tragedy and move on with their lives. Theo is receptive and wants to go on, while Holt is plagued by his perceived guilt about his feeling towards Sara.

I was sometimes annoyed by Holt indecision. He, even with his mindhunter skills, didn’t seemed capable to apply those same skills to his own situation. He wanted Sara, but some of his choices were really wrong and I wanted to scream at him to just stop for a while and think things through!

In the middle of this the killer is messing with them. Toxin, the killer, is clever and obviously sick person. But his sickness is lucid and logical in a very twisted way.

A solid book that follows the story in a logical way. There’re no TSTL moments. Everything is explained in a very good way. The story flows nicely and it is never boring. There’s a right amount of suspense, heated moments, interaction between characters and internal thoughts of each character.