Genesis Queen (The Road to Hell, #3) - Gracen Miller A very satisfactory ending! :D
All the pieces of the puzzle fell neatly in order and everything was explained!
Since I liked all the characters, I loved that at the ending all were alive, well and happy! :D
Obviously, Mads ended with both Nix and Micah and, eve if I'm not into threesome, this one felt really good! If I were at Mads place I don't know if I could have chosen diferently! This way it feels right and good!
Without problems I would say that I loved this series and I immensely enyoued the fast pacing, the good and intelligent story where the plaot was really complicated and the hot love scenes inserted into the story at just right points.
If you want an entertaining, fast paced, hot paranormal romance without insta-love, mate bonds and such, this one is for you!