Caller of Light - T.J. Shaw It's actually a 4 and 1/2 stars, but since it's a very, very good debut novel I give it 5 stars!
My only problem was the narrative: almost too lirical.
But the story was so interesting that now I have to suffer waiting for the next book! I don't like it at all! *wink*
Who said that it's a cross between Cinderella and Dragon Riders of Pern got it perfectly! Since I loved Cinderella as a child and Pern as a teenager I found this story very enjoyable.
There was no extreme hotness, but there's plenty of heat.
The hero is larger than life, while the heroine is the perfect Cinderella: shy, mistreated by her supposed family, beautiful, good, generous and gifted without her knowledge.
All this could be considered as overgushing, it is not. I just sighted and went all starry-eyed.
I loved the Critons: huge dragon-like creaturs. I would love to fly one of them! :D
All in all it was a very enjoyable pause from alpha, macho men and kick-a$$, whitty heroines. :D
MS. Shaw, hurry and write the next book!