Lord of Fire, Lady of Ice - Michelle M. Pillow Ohhh, this is what I call a bodice-ripper of the new generation! LOL
Nice story and nice writing style.
I liked both the hero and the heroine.
At the beginning he was really mean to her, but she was also very thorny too, so it just was very well balanced. During the story all his and hers insecurities come out in the open and it was, at times funny and at times painful to see how they got through everything. Sometimes he humiliated her and sometimes she humilated him.
The only small detail that I didn't like was the ending: it seemed a little bit rushed. I would have liked to see a more in depth explanation. He seemed to accept too easily her explanation, and after all the trouble they had communicating during the length of the book I would have thought that it would have been better developed, but...
There is a teasing hint that the next book could be about Gunther and his search for a wife. I really hope that Ms. Pillow will wright about him - it would be great! :D