Last Chance to Run  (Slye Temp #1) - Dianna Love Very, very, very good!!! I'm so happy to have read it!!!
I loved absolutely everything about this book!
Usually I don't like books where the heroine is withdrawing something from the hero, even if she's aware that he can help her, but here I loved it! It was really very well explained and made sense that I couldn't do anything else than accepte and justify it! Excellent!
The heoine was a tough girl. I don't mean tough fisically, even if she's an Olimpionic quality athlete, but as a person. Everything she does has a very good explanation and is what I would do in her shoes!
The hero is HOT and tender. You can do anything else than love him. He's aware that the heroine is The One for him, but it is not a case of unexplained insta-love. Oh, no, no... you just have to read it to find out!
The story itself is exciting and with a lot of action.
Do yourself a favour and read it: I'm sure you'll love it as I did!

... Ah, on her website, the author says that the next book of this serie will be published in February 2013, but there's no trace of it on Amazon... I hope it will be published, as I definitely WANT to read it! :D